The Voice Republic

The Voice Republic has been set up by a handful of voiceover experts who have been in the business for many years. All of us bring something different to the table, ensuring that the services we offer are designed to deliver a great service to voiceover artists and others associated with the industry.

The Studio Hire Service

Looking for a voiceover recording studio in London? Our prices start from £30 (including VAT) per hour.

Members have access to the studios for a reduced rate, but guests (people who may only use the studio occasionally) pay the market rate. In short, a one-month subscription saves you money from a single one-hour studio hire. See the membership and hire rates here.

Our Voice Over Recording Studio has a self contained voiceover booth that is fully insulated and air cooled. Your voice will be recorded using either AKG or Sennheiser microphones (depending on what is being recorded) - other mics are available upon request.

Voice Reels

Voice Reel sessions are available from £250

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Singing Reels

Singing Reel sessions are available from £250

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New Beta Site

We have been working on a new site, please take a look.