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‘Dry Hire’ Studio Hire

The Voice Republic offer a ‘Dry Hire’ Studio Hire service, that enables voice artists to hire a professional voice recording studio on an hourly basis. The studio is designed as a self-operated studio (where the voiceover records and edits themselves) and comes with the following equipment :-

• MAC running Logic and Adobe Audition
• Self contained voiceover booth, fully insulated with air cooling
• AKG C214 Mic (other mics available upon request)
• Presonus Digital Desk
• Rokit Monitors
• Sennheiser Headphones
• Source Connect / Cleanfeed and other listening software upon request
• Complimentary Wi-Fi

On the day of the session, our staff will greet you and then escort you to the studio. If it is your first time using the studio, our staff will then walk you through operating the studio.

Voice actors use our services as an alternative to using their valuable space at home and find that our studios provide the quality of sound that is missing from a large number of home setups.

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