Leila Birch voice over artist


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Playing Age

20s 30s 40s


Animation Neutral RP




Bright Character Confident Gaming Urban Versatile


Leila Birch needs no introduction. Famous in the UK for her stint in Eastenders as Teresa di Marco her career has taken her from stage to screen on both sides of the Atlantic. She has a warm, easy quality to her voice and her years of experience as an actress give her the flexibility to morph her voice to suit any brand or character as evidenced by the breadth of her animation reel.

She has a hint of humour to her tone and a cheeky edge that is hard to resist and alongside her energy and youthful quality they make her the perfect choice for fun, sporty brands.

Leila is the voice of F.R.I.D.A.Y in Iron Man VR which was released for PlayStation on July 3rd 2020. 

Leila splits her time equally between London and LA.

Home Studio

Microphone: AKG C214 Condenser microphone
Software: Garageband
Connections: Skype, Zoom, Source Connect or Cleanfeed
Description: Converted spare room acoustically treated.