Tom Hird voice over artist


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30s 40s


Neutral Northern RP Various




Assured Bright Energetic Strong


Tom Hird is an established voice-over artist and he has provided the voice for many high-class corporate media clients, including EA, Heathrow Airport, Hitachi and Marks and Spencer. Tom has an incredible ability to deliver highly factual content at a smooth and engaging pace, something most ably demonstrated with his work as Tom "The Blowfish" Hird, marine biologist and broadcaster.  Tom has worked for channel 4, ITV, Discovery Channel and BBC where he has regularly produced voice-over for the numerous wildlife and adventure shows he has appeared on.Tom is keen to further expand his voice work into the realms animation and gaming but continues to enjoy the "bread and butter" of corporate and technical reads. If you are interested in Tom as a potential voice for your project, please listen to the associated voice reel and do not hesitate to get in touch.