Soph Galustian voice over artist


Playing Gender


Playing Age

Teens 20s


Manchester Neutral Northern




Confident Contemporary Conversational Cool Energetic Friendly Fresh Gritty Trustworthy Warm Youthful


Soph is a born-and-bred Mancunian actress of Armenian heritage, who specialises in spoken-word poetry. She is fresh on the scene, after graduating in 2018, and has already accrued over 1.5 million views on work that she has written and performed online.

Alongside poetry, many of her credits lie within comedy - including winning "Best Comedy" at the Trí Rivers Film Festival 2020 for a comedy short film that she starred in, and selling out Southwark Playhouse with her three-woman show: "Pinky Promise".

Her friendly, youthful, Northern tones are an ideal fit for commercial or documentary voiceovers. She is also very well-equipped to voice contemporary, modern adverts with a spoken-word twist - much like a young, Mancunian Kae Tempest.

Soph is based in London.