Rosi Amador voice over artist


Playing Gender


Playing Age

30s 40s


American Latin American Spanish




Assured Bright Confident Dynamic Friendly


Rosi is an award winning VO artist - with a recent win at the 2018 Voice Arts Award for Outstanding Commercial demo reel. Be sure to check it out!

Originally from Puerto Rico, and raised bilingually, Rosi knows the importance of speaking, reading, writing and singing both English and Spanish with perfect enunciation and expression.

As one of the top U.S. based English/Spanish voice artists working internationally, she helps producers, advertising agencies, and directors by recording in native North American English or neutral Latin American Spanish.

Rosi’s voice is friendly, engaging and dynamic. Her passion for her work flows through every project, and her versatility and ability to dial up and down her accents ensures every client is left with the perfect recording.

Rosi is based in the US and also voices Puerto Rican or Argentine accents as well as Hispanic-accented English. The options are endless. She has a broadcast quality home studio.

Home Studio

Microphone: CAD E100, AT4040, Shure SM7B and more
Software: Logic Pro, Twisted Wave, Reaper
Connections: Skype, Zoom, Source Connect, ipDTL
Description: State of the art professional studio and a in-house sound engineer. Based in Cambridge, MA, USA.