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I'm experienced in voiceovers and narration - over 15 years now. I've worked for the BBC, in both radio and television as on-air talent for light entertainment and documentaries as well as fronting radio programmes on BBC Radio Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside.

I've worked with many businesses, corporations and community organisations to help create strong identities in their marketing - The Co-operative Bank for their on-air campaigns and their podcast channel. I've also worked with organisations to record voiceovers and teach voice recordings - The Royal Exchange Theatre is one client, where we created an internet radio station for and by young people.

I have my own professional studio and use Adobe Audition to create output that has pleased many a client!

Home Studio

Professionally sound-proofed.

I have a sound-proofed audio studio which comprises a top quality vocal booth, together with  Blue Yeti X and RØDE NT-1 microphones.

I can edit recordings with Adobe Audition and provide clean audio files in a variety of formats to suit you, including .mp3 and .wav.

For remote direction and/or recording I can offer Skype, Cleanfeed, WhatsApp, BlueJeans and Zoom.