Nicole Bauman voice over artist


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20s 30s






Assured Confident Conversational Cool Energetic Friendly


With years of VO experience up her sleeve, Nicole has recently lived in London before returning to Canada. She has voiced campaigns for clients in Canada, US and London.

Nicole specialises in North American accents, with a wide range to tap in to, from New York Queens to Minnesota, Nicole has it all covered. She also can voice many obscure Canadian accents, Quebecois French and Newfoundland as examples.

Nicole has a fresh sound, with an assured and direct tone, making her perfect for a wide range of projects. With the ability to explore and experiment in the booth, Nicole is perfect for animations and video games, a directors dream. Check out her Ad and Animation Megamix to hear a variety of ages and characters.

Nicole is based in Canada.

Home Studio

Microphone: SM7B, Aston Origin and MD421
Software: Pro Tools and Audacity
Connections: Cleanfeed, Skype or Facetime
Description: Sound-proof den with professionally installed sound panels. Based in Canada.