Meaghan Martin voice over artist


Playing Gender


Playing Age

20s 30s






Bright Confident Cool Energetic Friendly


Meaghan's voice is cool and confident, with the ability to switch from youthful and energetic, to warm and mature in the blink of an eye. Her vibrant and fresh sound will instantly engage you.

Vegas born and resident in Los Angeles, Meaghan has the perfect voice for young, fresh campaigns, both sides of the Atlantic. 

Meaghan is no stranger to the world of stage and screen with credits including the role of Tess Tyler in the Disney Channel television film, Camp Rock and its sequel. In 2011, she played the main character Jo in the television film Mean Girls 2, the sequel of the 2004 film Mean Girls. 

Along with her many film and TV credits, Meaghan spent over 6 years voicing the role of Namine in Kingdom Hearts video game.

Meaghan is a joy to work with in the studio as she takes direction perfectly and produces results that any client would be proud of.

Meaghan now lives in London after finishing her Masters in Classical Acting, at LAMDA. 

Home Studio

Microphone: sE Electronics Titan Condenser, sE Electronics R1 Ribbon, Apogee MiC 96k
Software: Logic Pro X, Garageband
Connections: Facetime, Zoom, Skype, GChat or Cleanfeed
Description: Acoustically treated room in Meaghan's home in London.