Luke MacGregor voice over artist


Playing Gender


Playing Age

20s 30s


Geordie Northern




Confident Conversational Cool Friendly Reassuring


Luke is a Jack the Lad, friendly Northern voice over artist.

His sincere, warm tone is perfect for any commercial campaign. He has a cheeky hint of George Clarke (TV presenter/architect).

With a natural vocal quality that is very listenable and light-hearted, he also has the skill to convey messages of a serious nature, making him a great choice for a wide range of audio content.

Since graduating, Luke has already performed at the Globe, Barbican and with the RSC to name a few. With his acting talents and willingness to give anything a go, Luke is ready and waiting to step in to the booth.

Luke was the winner of BBC Carleton Hobbs Bursary 2016, and is based in London.