Kimberly Blake voice over artist


Playing Gender


Playing Age

20s 30s


Midlands Neutral Northern




Bright Confident Cool Friendly Urban Warm Youthful


Bouncing in to the studio, Kimberly is sure to bring a lot of fun and creativity to the session. With a warm, contemporary, versatile range, she is open to exploring and experimenting with direction and creative ideas - a director’s dream.

Excellent at creating characters, Kimberly is perfect for computer games and animations. She is able to manipulate her voice from young children’s characters, all the way to fantasy creatures. Her reassuring, conversational tone is great for adverts, giving a natural sellable read. She is able to tap into a northern accent, for a more regional sound.

With a very strong, classically trained singing voice, she has a solid understanding of her vocal range and abilities. Kimberly is currently playing 'Violetta' in Pretty Woman the Musical in the West End.

Kimberly is based in London.