Julian Holloway voice over artist


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50s 60plus


American Neutral RP




Assured Authoritative Confident Deep Epic Rich


Julian Holloway has enjoyed a long and varied career for over six decades in Film, TV and voiceovers. 

His voice has an epic but reassuring tone, perfect for narrating documentaries and voicing ad campaigns. However, don't think for a moment that he is a one-trick-pony, Julian can be authoritative and engaging, perky and bright and can certainly add a little of that old-world naughtiness.

For many years, Julian lived in California, working on multiple animations, notably as a regular in the syndicated series "James Bond Jr", "Where’s Waldo" and "Captain Zed And The Zee Zone”.

Julian's most recent animation series was the hugely popular "Regular Show", voicing the part of 'death'.  Julian can also be heard re-voicing Christopher Jones in "Ryan's Daughter" and Horst Janson in "Captain Kromos". 

To say Julian is an 'all-rounder' is an under-statement, with accents such as Australian, South African, Irish and Scottish and many more up his sleeve.

Julian is now based in the UK.