Joji Otani-Hansen voice over artist


Playing Gender


Playing Age

20s 30s


American French Japanese Spanish




Assured Confident Contemporary Cool Epic Urban Versatile Youthful


Joji is a Japanese-American actor who recently graduated from Rose Bruford. As a child he lived for extended periods of time in Bali, Idaho, Tokyo, Paris, New Orleans, and Perugia among others, which has led to his unique and richly toned International accent.

With a natural American sound Joji can also dial up and down his Japanese accent. Not only this, after living in Paris he can tap into an authentic Parisian sound.

Reassuring and smooth, listening to Joji is like drinking a rich hot chocolate in front of a warm fire. Mixed with his youthful sound, he is perfect for content targeting the modern day listener.

With his calm and measured approach, acting skills and universal observations, Joji has a fantastic ability to create and develop characters for every client’s needs.

He is fluent in French, with conversational Japanese and Spanish under his belt.

Joji is currently based in Los Angeles.