Jessica Martin voice over artist


Playing Gender


Playing Age

40s 50s


London Estuary Neutral




Bright Classic Confident Conversational Energetic


Jessica Martin is an experienced, multi-faceted entertainer, with a thirty-year career performing in theatre, comedy, television and radio.  She has gone from teenage jazz singer, to television impressionist (Saturday Night favourite’s Spitting Image and Copy Cats), to cult Doctor Who guest star to leading West End musical theatre actress.

Whilst having an abundance of stage and screen credits, Jessica is no stranger to the recording studio, with adverts, corporate, documentaries and gaming projects all under her belt, Jessica delivers with enthusiasm and energy.

With a friendly, engaging tone, you will not be disappointed with Jessica’s delivery and with a host of characters and impressions up her sleeve, you will be sure to find the exact voice you're after.

Jessica is based in London, UK.

Home Studio

Microphone: Rode NT1A
Software: Adobe Audition
Connections: Zoom and Skype
Description: Isovox 2 Portable booth