Freya Miller voice over artist


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Cool Friendly Husky Smooth Sophisticated Trustworthy Warm Youthful


A trained actress and accomplished bilingual voice over artist with more than 10 years experience. Freya excels in the intimate, poetic , natural, sensual, dramatic or urban-with-an-edge sound, but has been around all the different disciplines of voice over including audio books, image voicing for radio, computer game characters, poetry, commercials for tv/film/radio for both Scandinavian, European and world wide media. As well as collaborations with recording rap artist Per Vers. Recently Freya has been the voice of world wide Pandora campaign & is currently the Danish female voice for Audi and NorwegianAir.       Agent: The Joneses,  2 Percy Street, Fitzrovia London W1T 1DD Tel. 0207 253 8462