Fran Churchill voice over artist


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Playing Age

30s 40s 50s 60plus


Neutral RP




Assured Authoritative Confident Corporate Deep Dynamic Friendly Gaming Husky Mature Reassuring Relaxed Rich Smooth Sophisticated Strong Trustworthy Warm


Award winning voice artist and actor - One Voice Award for Best Female Character Performance in an Animation 2019 - Fran's voice was described as ‘honey on toast’ by an audio engineer with obviously a profoundly excellent ear and discerning taste! Fran has a charming, compelling and engaging delivery with a smooth, sensuous and warm tone. Whilst being elegant and reassuring Fran can also 'stick it to the man' with strong, dynamic and powerful if required.

With a friendly, professional and creative attitude, Fran has an accomplished approach that adds an essential extra dimension to all aspects of her work. Here are some more splendid, spine tingling adjectives: Charming, Comic, Commercial, Compelling, Engaging, Corporate, Documentary, Narrative, E-learning, Educational, Intelligent, Light Entertainment, Natural, Gentle, On-hold, IVR, Automated Telephone Messaging, Reassuring, RP, Sultry, Sensuous, Sexy, Warm, Friendly.

Fran has worked with many UK commercial and corporate, national and international clients: ITV, The Times, Diesel, KMD Copenhagen, Swietelsky, Volvo, Classic FM, Greenpeace, Ikea, Arup, Silversea, Bausch & Lomb, BBC, Dyson and more. She also has experience in ADR/dubbing for SKY, Discovery Channel , National Geographic and has voiced many E-Learning projects, Exhibition audio guides and countless IVR/On-Hold messaging systems.

Fran Churchill is looking forward to providing you with professional quality voiceovers.

Home Studio

Microphone: Sennheiser MKH 416, AT4033a
Software: Adobe Audition
Connections: Skype, Source Connect Now, Cleanfeed
Description: Professional home studio in acoustically treated space