Ella Rides voice over artist


Playing Gender


Playing Age

Teens 20s






Husky Relaxed Warm


Throughout my degree at Rose Bruford I have learnt how to be playful with my voice and be ready to it to suit characters or tones of the script. Naturally, I have a warm, husky and reassuring voice that works well and the luxury sell but also with charitable ads that rely on compassion and humanity. I pay the utmost attention to punctuation and sentence structure and use a keen eye to quickly make a decision about a voice and ready to give the client as variety of takes.  

I can offer a client a fresh new flexible voice, with the training from some of the most prestigious radio, animation and commercial VO actors in the UK. I'm critical with my performance in order to further my craft and am taking on more courses at Gravy for the Brain to add to this. I'm good at thinking on my feet and can improvise with a director in a booth.