Edward Bourne voice over artist


Playing Gender


Playing Age

20s 30s


Animation Australian Neutral RP




Assured Confident Sophisticated Warm


View some of Ed's latest work for LEGO and the UK Gov via the Twitter link below.

Edward is the real deal… He has a clean, crisp delivery and a really strong sense of timing and pace. His native accent is a slightly heightened neutral RP, evidenced on his Warhol Documentary demo.

He has a warm, easy tone to his voice with a depth that draws you in, and would be great for a luxury sell - take a listen to his Jaguar commercial…Edward plays several instruments and has a delightful singing voice which lends a musical quality to his delivery and ensures he has a great ear for direction!

He is flexible and has a range of brilliant character voices at his fingertips… like we said, he's the full package!

Home Studio

Microphone: Shure SM7B
Software: Garageband or Audacity
Connections: Skype, Zoom, MS Teams, Cleanfeed
Description: Acoustically treated home studio in a peaceful location.