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Energetic Friendly Warm


A friendly and familiar voice with a long and illustrious career in broadcast and voiceovers. A sense of humour and style helps ensure a strong and engaging delivery. Confidence and warmth are immediately apparent and he gives bags of energy to each read. His voice is very natural and conversational, like having a chat with an old friend. Although he's lived in the UK for many years he still retains his characteristic North American accent.

David began his career as ' The Kid', the youngest DJ on the air, in 1968 at the legendary Radio Luxembourg. He then went on to become one of the UK's favourite DJs with shows on Capital Radio, Heart, Gold, Smooth and BBC Radio 1. He's also hosted the legendary Top of the Pops and won 5 Sony Radio Awards. Along with his radio and TV career he has also written columns for The Daily Mirror, The Guardian, The Telegraph and the NME.

If you are looking for a charismatic Voice of God for corporate events then David is your man. With bags of confidence, years of experience and throughly professional, David has hosted everything from Miss World to the National Curry Awards, Canadian Tourism to London Fashion Week.