Darbi Worley voice over artist


Playing Gender


Playing Age

40s 50s






Bright Character Confident Energetic


One Voice Awards Nominee Badge

Darbi has a dynamic and confident voice that is comforting and engaging, with a conversational and trustworthy tone, she is perfect for all areas of voice over.

Born in Texas and raised in Minnesota, she is skilful in a range of American accents, switching from a southern twang to a more neutral mid-west in an instant.

With a multitude of experience under her belt, including roles on both the screen and stage, as well as in the world of voice overs, Darbi is sure to deliver amazing results whilst keeping the atmosphere fun and enjoyable.

Her charisma is refreshing and her bubbly personality makes her a delight to work with in the studio.

Darbi is now based in London.

Home Studio

Microphone: Sennheiser MKH416
Software: Logic Pro and RX7
Connectivity: Source Connect Standard, Cleanfeed, Skype or Zoom
Description: Professional Studio by Milaco.