Dani Blue voice over artist


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American Animation Australian Neutral RP


Dutch English


Assured Authoritative Confident Conversational Corporate Friendly Fresh Reassuring Relaxed Smooth Sophisticated Trustworthy Warm


I bring over 10 years acting and performing experience to the vocal booth. I excel at impromptu and quick turnaround projects but also love to take time to dive into a character when time appropriate. With fantastic enunciation, attention to detail and a wide range of expression I can convey the mood, tone and overall feel of a piece to your exact specification. My natural voice is warm, confident and genuine. It has been described as clear, engaging and distinct with a warm trusting and assured tone.   If you need a voice to convey your brand, your idea, your passion, you have come to the right place.

There is something magical about lifting words off a page and bringing them to life whether in song or spoken word. Whether dramatically or comically, with a corporate feel or narration, to communicate a script that has been written for a specific goal and to deliver this to a happy client makes me smile and punch the air everytime.