Claudine Helene Aumord voice over artist


Playing Gender


Playing Age

Teens 20s 30s 40s


American Animation Australian French Geordie German Irish Manchester RP Scottish Welsh




Assured Bright Conversational Cool Friendly Husky Reassuring Relaxed Smooth Trustworthy Urban Versatile Warm Youthful


BRITISH BORN AND RAISED - THE Nearest quality its comes too seductive is a silvery voice. Definition of silvery. 1: having the luster of silver. 2: having a soft high clear musical tone. a silvery voice. Nearest character is sincere. Honey. Graduated in 2006 from Goldsmiths College university of London Drama 2:1 Degree- acting and voice are the same. LAMDA Medal examination board before. Theater and feature film experience professionally before and since then. Enough for voice over work.Clear and precise, bright and engaging with international undertones which means picks up international undertones and pleases an international audience which picks up international undertones from friends and family and travel and work mates naturally, despite being English, natural South of England voice but non -descriptive over location and origin, her voice is ACCENT-LESS & AGE LESS ENGLISH, but she can do most accents to a good standard. Seductive gravel, naturally young and upbeat, sunny, her voice appeals to all audiences. Slight gravel and lift at the end of her voice. Young teens to 40's voice. Firm and Assured, concise, naturally light medium pitched. Crosses from IVR's to comedy, commercial and radio drama. Charming. Vocal mimicry, all-rounder vocally, creative, from children's voices to Scottish. Can do comedy caricature to drama. Natural voice is distinctive and instantly recognizable, with great control over where she takes her voice from, be it the chest, throat or nasal, upon request. Pitch perfect. Great talent for accents and range between naturalistic dramas to comedy. Adept at caricatures and stereotypes. Loves Cartoons and animation.A FANTASTIC ACTRESS & VOICE ARTIST & IF IT CAN BE IMAGINED THAN IT CAN BE. BECAUSE THE IMAGINATION IS LIMITLESS. NOT IS ALIENATING, AND NOR IS HER VOICE. CHANGING TONE IS OBVIOUS AND UPON REQUEST - ITS IN THE JOB DESCRIPTION. CAN RECORD AT HOME BUT LIKES & PREFERS & ENJOYS VISITING YOUR STUDIO ENCASE YOU HAVE OTHER DIRECTION AND IT CAN BE DONE AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT. ENJOYS TRAVEL. THE PRODUCER SETTING THE RATE CHARGE PAYMENT AND PACKAGE IS ALSO PREFERRED. Look at web-links or information on biography and trivia. International distribution of current crop of Feature Films.