Chris Harris-Beechey voice over artist


Playing Gender


Playing Age

Teens 20s 30s


American Animation Australian Liverpool Neutral Northern RP Russian Scottish Urban Various




Assured Authoritative Bright Character Confident Contemporary Conversational Cool Corporate Deep Dynamic Energetic Epic Friendly Fresh Gaming Gritty Husky Impressions Mature Quirky Reassuring Relaxed Rich Smooth Sophisticated Strong Trustworthy Urban Versatile Warm Youthful


Trained actor with experience in corporate voice-overs, audio-books and radio play with a keen interest in emotive reasoning. Natural voice is RP but with the t's dropped. Through an affinity for accent work and knowledge of phonetics my working style is collaborative to get the voice and intention you are looking for.Over my personal studies I've trained my voice to excel at versatility and I believe fully in the importance of collaboration, so will always work with you to ensure you get exactly the voice you need..