Chase Davis voice over artist


Playing Gender


Playing Age

Teens 20s 30s


American French Manchester Midlands Northern RP Various


English French


Friendly Fresh Smooth Sophisticated Warm Youthful


If you have recently been on the Eurostar between Paris and London, then you have probably already heard Chase's voice on board or on French radio.

Chase is perfectly bilingual in English and French without accent in either and can also speak in multiple dialects, and standard American.  He has worked as a professional voice actor and lead vocalist since the age of 13.

He has a clear, young, natural, and friendly voice with a warm, timbre playing between 15 and 35 years old in a low to mid register for publicity, corporate, narration, dubbing, audio book, e-learning, and character work.

That is not all!  Chase has a warm and haunting classically trained bass baritone voice with a 3 octave range and sings in 10 languages.

He is a trained composer, music producer and DJ working in multiple genres and has a specialty in voice tuning and mastering.