Cameron Robertson voice over artist


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20s 30s 40s


African American Australian RP Scottish




Deep Dynamic Rich Smooth Strong


My name is Cameron Robertson.  I am a professional actor holding a BA in Theatre and Performance from the University of Cape Town with training in voice, focusing on Kristin Linklater's and Patsy Rodenburg's techniques.  I have performed in a number of productions both on stage and in film and TV where I have utilized many accents such as Scottish, Australian, South African, American, Italian,  Eastern European and English. 

Furthermore, I have performed poetry readings in particular with world renowned Italian poet Corrado Calabro.  I have done some work in voice dubbing and therefore, I am no stranger to a recording studio. Being a performer, I am always telling a story conveying a number of emotions which can only be believable to the listener if the voice is connected to the story.  I believe the voice is a performer's most powerful asset.

I am always working with my voice, be it playing with accents or finding different characters using my own accent.  I love creating meaning through the spoken word and take pride in the range of my voice.