Bobby Davies voice over artist


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London Estuary Neutral Persian




Character Classic Confident Energetic Friendly Urban Versatile Warm Youthful


Meet Bobby! Bobby was born into an incredibly successful family in the purr-forming arts business. With his mother being The Cheshire Cat, and his father being Garfield, there is no doubt that he will claw his way to stardom. And it doesn't end there, his brother is Tom (know globally for being half of the comedy duo: Tom and Jerry), and we are sure that young Bobby will follow in his family's paw prints.

At only 8 weeks old, his meow is getting bigger and stronger everyday, but for now he is very well suited to playing teen characters.

Along with a gorgeous standard meow, he can execute a purr and growl with utmost sincerity. Despite being natively English, he is also working very hard on his Purr-sian,

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