Beverley Klein voice over artist


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Playing Age

40s 50s 60plus


Animation French German Neutral RP




Assured Authoritative Character Confident Friendly Mature Reassuring Sophisticated Strong Trustworthy Versatile Warm


Beverley is well-known as a stage and musical theatre actress, with a rich mezzo voice, appearing in Sondheim and Chekhov at the NT, and in the original Les Miserables for the RSC, but has also read many audiobooks for the RNIB, ranging from producing 15 or so different cockney girls' voices (and mens' - including Chamberlain and Churchill!) in a book about the Corner House Nippies in wartime London, to a couple of much more serious narratives about Concentration Camps. She prides herself on her sight-reading, her French and German pronunciation is good, and she also enjoyed playing several animation characters in Angelina Ballerina and Olivia Pig. Comedy crones a speciality!