Beatriz Romilly voice over artist


Playing Gender


Playing Age

20s 30s


Animation Neutral RP Spanish




Confident Dynamic Energetic Fresh Smooth Versatile Warm


Beatriz Romilly is quite simply a vocal gymnast. Not only is her range spectacular, as evidenced by her animation reel, but her delivery is clear and crisp with a light delicate touch. Her Spanish roots give her a fiery, seductive quality and her training as an actress has left her an extremely flexible and sensitive voice over artists with the ability to mould her voice to suit any style. 

Beatriz trained at Drama Centre London. 

Home Studio

Microphone: AKG C214 Large Diaphragm Microphone, RODE NTK Microphone
Software: Adobe Audition and GarageBand
Connections: Skype, Zoom, Cleanfeed
Description: An acoustically treated space with additional panelled isolated shield with Pop shield, linked to a DBX 286s Mic Pre Amp Processor, Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 Audio Interface, Macbook Pro