Anthony Rudd voice over artist


Playing Gender


Playing Age

30s 40s 50s


Animation Neutral RP




Assured Character Classic Confident Corporate Gaming Reassuring Relaxed Strong Trustworthy Warm


Anthony is a full time professional voice over with a neutral accent and believable style that is “both conversational and persuasive”.

His voice has featured in commercials, promotional audio, video and animations across the globe for over 20 years, on TV, radio and online.

He recently narrated the NBC Universal film “The Famous Five” for The Golf Channel, which aired across the USA.

Clients include BMW, Porsche, GSK, NBCUniversal, CBS, LEGO and the BBC.

Experienced, award-winning voiceover with warmth and integrity.

Home Studio

Microphone: CAD e100s
Software: Cubase 7
Connections: Source Connect, Skype, ipDTL or Bodalgo Call
Description: A professional recording space used with clients on a daily basis.