Booking a studio is really easy. We have two studios, with similar equipment, that are designed either for self-op or with an engineer or director. There is also space for your clients to attend too, (up to 3 people). If you need 'self-op', then please choose Studio 1

To book, just follow these simple instructions:

  • Choose the studio, type of booking, then the date, number of hours and time for your session. Add any notes you think might be useful too. Then press 'Proceed'.
  • You will then see a breakdown of the information supplied, please check this.
  • Read the T&Cs and then press Submit.


Once you have submitted your request, it will be checked at HQ before we confirm it. Make sure you check your account or your email for confirmation of the session. Once a session is confirmed it will not be released to another member.

You will receive an invoice for the session which needs to be paid at least 24 hours before the start of your session.

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