Singing reels are becoming more and more relevant to actors, singers and voiceover artists (of course, only if you can actually sing!). Here at The Voice Republic we’re all about helping you get a foot in the door, getting a step up the ladder, increasing your profile …the list goes on! So, we decided to offer singing reels as part of our product range.


Singing in a studio can be tough - no audience reaction to gauge, bright lights or sparkles - just you and the producer. Clock-watching can also be a hinderance as you know you have a limited amount of time to ’nail it’. Our singing reel sessions are designed to give you enough time to record 3 songs (obviously more if you’re well-rehearsed and on your a-game!). The atmosphere is relaxed and designed to maximise creativity.

Simon Cryer, former Music Director & Composer (National Theatre, SJT for Sir Alan Ayckbourn, Janie Dee, BBC Radio and countless plays and musicals) will be on-hand to offer some advise. He understands the needs of the performer and how to get the very best from them. Adam, our producer/engineer will guide you and fine-tune the performance during recording, and provide you with a beautifully mastered demo at the end of the session. Demos are produced to broadcast standards in our digital studios.

Price - £290 (£120 non refundable deposit - £170 payable on the day of the recording session)

Silver Members Price - £235 (£120 non refundable deposit - £115 payable on the day of the recording session)

This package gives you 3 hours of studio time (10:00 AM to 13:00 PM or 14:00 PM to 17:00 PM) to record and edit as many songs as you like, however, we’d recommend sticking to no more than 3. We will start the session by listening to your backing tracks whilst talking about your interpretation of the song, ensuring that it’s engaging, thrilling for the listener and showcases your vocal skill in a manner relevant to the backing track.

Example Singing Reels (Click to play)

The final product will be mastered to WAV and MP3 files and will be delivered via a link to your email. You can of course take them away on the day if you bring in a USB memory stick or portable hard disk drive.

The content will be archived online for a period of 3 years.

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